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Hello there boys and girls I am the observer, photographer, cinematographer, and lover of life. I was originally born in Kingston, Jamaica and grown up in New York City. After high school I joined the United States Army where I spent 2 years in the reserves and 4 years in active duty. During active duty I was stationed in Germany and served in Iraq for one year. After leaving the Army in 2009 I decided to go back to school and studied Film making at New York Film academy in California for two year, earning me an associates degree. During that time and learning about motion picture and bought my trusty Canon 7D in which it brought me back to what I loved the most, taking pictures. While attending New York Film Academy I was grateful to have travelled to Beijing, China and Utah to be a cinematographer for my classmates thesis films.

After film school I returned to NYC and started studying Medical Assistant. Now I know you all are going to think, "wow, what an huge flip." And, indeed it is. During the year of 2012 I spent the time taking pictures with my iPhone 4S and posting them on my "Like" page on Facebook. I am currently working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.

My highest joy is photography and film making. I know a lot would think "Why not be in film," and the answer is that I was afraid. Afraid to take the leap and follow my dream. However, I did not let my dream die. I still do videos and I still take photographs. The main point in this website is to fill it, to show my work and allow for growth in this direction. If anyone of importance (IE: producers, film makers, celebrities) are reading this and believe that I can help them in any way, you can contact me. I'm probably one of the most creative and visual person out there. If there are people who admire or simply like my work, you can leave a note for me. I will appreciate it all. Thank you for visiting and enjoy what you see here at Kevin Lewis Photos! Good day!