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August 15, 2014  •  2 Comments



I remember the very first time I saw this woman. She was standing next to this cool animator guy who created Spirit Science animation which explained various aspects of spiritually and human history. They were standing near a mountain it seemed and a lot of snow. I was deeply fascinated by her, not only by her beauty but her charisma. Her laugh, her smile and her energy reeled me in like a cowboy with his lasso. I had to know who she was, I had to see what she was all about, and when I did, I entered the world of Teal Swan (at that time it was Teal Scott).

I watched many many videos of her while my mind was blown into new corners of the universe. The way she explained things about, shadow work, inner child work, love, Source/Creational energy, different dimensions, I grabed onto the concepts extremely quickly. After a while, from watching her weekly “Ask Teal” videos, I felt as though she was in my head, when I thought up a concept or speculated about something in my life, a video would appear explaining those things and verifying my hypothesis.

From watching and reading Teal’s blogs, and through her Facebook group where I met my wife, I’m connecting with various people and creating a whole new family. As Teal, the catalyst to spirituality and connecting people, it wasn’t hard to build a network of friends that shared the same understandings of life, the universe and the realization of self as part of everything. Although I did run into Spirit Science and before that Bashar. Teal I believe I have a very strong connection to, much stronger than I had ever thought even after knowing her.

It was September of 2011 when I was in Park City, Utah and staying at a classmates, Kate, house shooting a short film for her. I was attending New York Film academy in the LA branch and was the final thesis film we were all working on. Walking along in Park City, where my classmates and I were meeting Kate’s father for dinner, I felt as thought someone I knew was there. Now this was before all the “New Age” stuff I am aware of now, you could say, I was just a regular guy then. I looked around curiously and checking out every person that walked by me, I couldn’t figure out who it was. I was fond of area around Park City because of it’s beautiful mountains and lushes wilderness. I knew I wanted to go back.

I told Teal this story and she nodded her head and said yes, “I knew it then”. It was the biggest relief, next to going to the bathroom after holding urine for an extreme long period of time. Meeting Teal was the most uplifting thing ever. It was like meeting a celebrity but actually having a form of connection to the person, especially on a spiritual level. This photo of her I took while she was meeting with people after a day workshop, held in Boston. I made it my mission to be around her a much as possible. I made myself available to people who wanted to take photos with her as the main photographer. I took people’s cameras (phones) and basically shared her space. I didn’t talk with her much, just occasional glances but she knew who I was and what I was doing. I could hear Sarbdeep (Her husband) and Blake (Her director, videographer and editor of her videos) by the door telling people they could give their camera to me.

Being in her presences is like being next to someone who is activating your highest potential on an energetic level. I had only speculated this but being around her I found it to be true. I was much more alert than I usually am and way more conversational (I’m also an introvert) and interacting with people I found it to be much more graceful for me. It was wonderful to simply be with her for an hour, on our feet sharing space.

The tattoo on her arm, when I first learned about it, is an Alchemy sign, each part representing elements for magical work in the quest for physical transformation and spiritual illumination. Teal, on the other hand said this:

    “The circle in the middle represents nothingness, the square represents thought, the triangle represents universal energy (God basically) and the outer circle represents everythingness…total unity…no beginning and no end.  So…if you put it together, the seal means nothingness (void) activated by thought and purified by universal energy = manifestation.”

By understanding this I was intrigued and wanted to get this tattooed for myself. So I found a nice shop where I lived with a cool Korean guy. At first I wanted the tattoo on my left shoulder, since on my right shoulder I have a spider, to have a bit of symmetry. However, the Korean tattooist pulled it down to the exact place Teal has hers because the print out I had, was too big. I tried to get the guy to make it fit but it looked too weird. I didn’t want to appear as a “copy-cat” to Teal or a plain weirdo, but when he placed it on my arm, it simply looked good. For the next hour, not one person came into the store and it was only him and I as this symbol was tattooed to my arm, this was done in August of 2013.

All in all, meeting this woman and her friends made me feel even more connected to her along with meeting other people I had become friends with over time. It’s interesting how life unfolds things, interesting how connecting to people you wouldn’t have known until a fews years after, placing the same tattoo in the same place, and meeting the love of my life who is from the same country Teal’s husband is from, England. I didn’t do all these things on purpose, but it sure is interesting.



What a beautiful double story!! How can one not believe in synchronicity and soul family? I'm so happy for you that you found your soul friends and your companion... may you be pillars of light for each other always!

Hi, I'm Maryann, I too was at the Boston workshop from NY. I was so nervously blissful that I was not quite in my body by the time my turn came for my long anticipated embrace with Teal. ... I felt so pressured to take as little time as possible, noting the long line awaiting her, that on looking back I must have appeared to Teal as a tornado - yikes, not what was intended! Yet I was flooded with so much love I wanted to heal her with. Her eyes are incredible.... they seep into your being. For a moment, I thought I saw another face of hers. (Can't explain)

I was most surprised when I checked my camera and found 4 photos of me with Teal - and one of them was our embrace! So I wasn't such a whirlwind after all lol. Thank you for capturing in frozen time a most meaningfully loving and grateful exchange for me.

I have to say, when I handed you the camera I felt you as being "love", you emanated love. And I'm glad I happened upon your blog to tell you that.

Thank you also for the definition of Teal's tattoo. Because some years ago in a meditation, I had a vision of hands of white/blue light coming down and giving me a similar symbol formed of light as well. It was almost the same symbol, but there was no square (thought?). So what do you suppose that difference means, if it matters? I've been looking for its meaning (the circle within was not an eye). Right after there were visions of American Indians and some chiefs. If you find out about the absence of the square or know, would you mind posting it here?

You have a loving sensitive heart and I enjoy you sharing it with us with your writing and photography, thank you !
Laura Loterszpil(non-registered)
Beautiful Story Kevin,
Really happy for you that your journey have been so amazing... going into the path of awakening,
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